3 Tips For Better Foot Health

man cleaning and polishing dress shoe

Missionary shoes and foot health go hand-in-hand. A flaw in one can wreak havoc on the other--which means they need to work together in perfect harmony. To make sure your mission goes as smoothly (and comfortably) as possible, here are a few tips for keeping your feet and shoes in excellent condition.

Choosing Your Shoes

The #1 tip when it comes to foot health is to choose the right shoe. This is especially important when it comes to men's missionary shoes since the chances are high that your mission will require a lot of walking. Don't risk blisters, fungi, and aching feet; instead, take a little extra time to make sure you choose the right fit and style for your needs.

When it comes to men's missionary attire, this generally means that you'll want to favor function over fashion. There are plenty of options available that are both attractive and comfortable--so do your research and only buy shoes that are going to stand up to the demands of your mission.

Foot Health 101

Here are a few simple, pain-free tips to keep your feet and shoes in excellent condition throughout your mission!

  • #1: Wear socks.

Socks, though a vital component of any wardrobe, are often overlooked and undervalued. Comfortable socks that keep for feet dry and flexible are a must for avoiding blisters, aches, and other troubles.

  • #2: Keep an eye on toenails.

Keep a trimmer on hand (and use it regularly and carefully) to avoid ingrown toenails. Remember, too-long nails can interfere with the fit of your shoe and cause even more issues.

  • #3: Brush up on shoe care.

Make sure to clean your shoes regularly, and, if they're made of leather, remember to use some conditioner. Additionally, try "rotating" which shoes you wear, so you're never in the same pair two days in a row.

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