Choosing the Right Socks for Your Upcoming Mission

male lds missionary sitting on bench

As you prepare for a mission, there is a lot to do and plenty to remember, so it's easy to forget about the practical, vital items that will make your daily life more enjoyable. Socks might seem like an afterthought on your packing list, but they are worth taking some time to consider.

Once you're in a new environment, where you may be dealing with a heavy workload and an unusual climate, socks will prove to be more important to you than ever before. Picking the right ones can stop your feet from getting blisters, growing fatigued, or developing conditions like athlete's foot.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Socks

One of the key factors in choosing LDS missionary clothing is the climate where your mission will take place. If you'll be living in a tropical setting where heat and humidity can persist 24 hours a day, socks made of a thick material that absorbs sweat are not likely to keep your feet comfortable. Instead, you'll want to look for a thin fabric that keeps you cool while providing the protection you need from the local elements.

Another important variable to consider is what material the sock is made from and how that influences the sock's performance.

Some of the most popular fabrics and features used to make socks include:

  • Wool blends are ideal for winter climates as they insulate the foot against the cold
  • Cotton is better for hot climates, but thinner blends can wear out with increased walking and climbing
  • Moisture-wicking blends soak up any moisture from perspiration or precipitation so your foot stays dry
  • The cushioned foot gives support to make it easier to walk long distances
  • A reinforced toe helps to protect the front of the foot inside a hiking boot or running shoe

There is a lot to know about socks, not to mention other pieces of LDS missionary clothing. If you need help to select your wardrobe for an upcoming mission, visit Petersen's Clothing. Our team can help guide you toward the pieces you'll need to make your mission a success.