Choosing Ties for Your LDS Mission

closeup of man with white button up dress shirt, collar flipped up, tying a red necktie

Clothes don't make the man, but they do help make a professional, reliable, and conservative first impression. Here are a few tips to help you make all the best choices when it comes to finding ties for your LDS mission.

All About Ties

There's a lot to know when it comes to men's missionary attire, but when you've assembled the perfect wardrobe to keep you feeling comfortable and looking sharp, you'll be glad you did your research. One thing you'll want to really understand is your tie- what it should look like, how it should be worn, and what to avoid.


Ideal ties for your LDS mission are conservatively colored and not distracting. For example, some colors can make ties less tasteful, and you always want to avoid "pictures" or overly patterned fabric. Additionally, there is an ideal thickness for ties; too wide or too skinny won't be appropriate for your overall attire.


There are numerous ways to wear a tie, but only one professional way. The best way to measure this is to stand however you normally do with no stretching or slouching, and begin tying the tie so that it rests exactly at your belt buckle. It shouldn't hang above or below at all.

What to Avoid

You'll want to make sure to carefully research and practice the knots you use in order to avoid obvious mistakes. The Windsor, Half Windsor, and the "four in hand" style are your best options. Always make sure the tie is straight, and the knot isn't crooked. Additionally, be careful to handle both the small end and the big end of the tie carefully when tying--that way, neither are visible or distracting.

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