Comfortable and Attractive Shoes for Sister Missionaries

top view, selfie of woman's feet wearing mustard-yellow trouser and black shoe standing on a concrete floor

One of the most critical aspects in making your mission successful is preparedness. However, that's often easier said than done; with so much to pack, so much to do, and so many decisions to make, you might be left feeling a little lost.

Just take a deep breath, remember the good you're bringing into the world by doing this mission, and focus on one thing at a time--for example, your shoes.

Best Shoes for Missionaries

When it comes to women's missionary shoes, you want to be especially careful that you're making the right choice. After all, bad shoes can leave you uncomfortable and frustrated for your entire mission. And, depending on how much walking you do, your feet could even end up permanently injured.

The good news is that it's easier than you might think to choose women's missionary shoes that are comfortable, functional, and attractive. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:


Flats are a classic and comfortable choice. Better yet, they go with almost every outfit. They're lightweight, durable, and conservative enough for any mission. Just remember that they may not be the best choice for cold or wet climates, as they may get slippery or lack sufficient coverage in the cold. 


If your mission takes place in a warmer climate, sandals could be an excellent choice. They're waterproof and comfortable, making them a perfect fit for long days of walking or even some hiking. Be sure you're looking at comfort sandals rather than those that are merely fashionable. Sandals tend to be much less formal than other shoe choices, so keep that in mind when making your choice.


Warm, comfortable boots are a great option if your mission is in a cold place, or happens during winter months. Finding functional boots that also go with everything is a great way to save space packing, too!

Mary Janes and other Slip-Ons

Slip ons, clogs, and Mary Janes are very popular shoe choices. You can find many different brands that offer superior support and look attractive, as well 

Don't Forget Accessories

Your shoe choice is essential, but your shoe accessory choice could make or break your comfort throughout your mission. For example, make sure to pack socks appropriate for your shoes and your needs; also, be sure to look into inserts or insoles that will support proper posture and keep you comfortable.

Need help choosing women's missionary shoes? Looking for the right shoe accessories? Contact us today or check out our page on What to Wear on Your Mission for sister missionaries!