Determining Your Suit Size

Mid section portrait of tailor fitting suit, measuring width of man who is wearing suit

There's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing men's missionary clothing. You want a formal style, attractive fabric, and a comfortable fit. Believe it or not, with the right information, you can have it all. Today we'll help you with one of the biggest questions in men's clothing: how to determine your suit size.

The Perfect Suit Size

A lot goes into determining your suit size. After all, it's not as simple as choosing a shirt that comes in small, medium, or large. There are numerous measurements and all kinds of considerations to take into account before you're even ready to start shopping. On top of that, men's missionary clothing needs to be both formal and functional, allowing you to move around comfortably while still looking sharp. The best way to make sure you end up with the perfect suit is to take the appropriate measurements ahead of time.

Jacket Number

Men's suit sizes are written in a number-letter format. The number represents the size of your chest, which means that knowing it is a pretty big step in choosing the best suit.

To get this measurement, you'll need to stand comfortably with your arms down, then have someone measure the widest point of your chest and arms. This number minus seven is your jacket number.

Jacket Length

This is the "letter" half of the number-letter format, and it represents the jacket's length.

This guide uses your height to help determine the right length:

  • 5'3" – 5'8″ = S

  • 5'9 ″ – 6'0 ″ = R

  • 6'1″ – 6'3 ″ = L

  • 6’4″+ = XL

Shirt Size

There are two steps you'll need to take to get the appropriate measurements for shirt size.

  1. Have someone measure by wrapping a measuring tape comfortably around your neck. You should be able to get two fingers between the measuring tape and your skin.

  2. Stand up straight and have someone measure from the base of your neck down to your wrist-bone.

You'll use these two numbers (neck width and arm length) to choose a shirt for your suit.

For the perfect fit, don't be afraid to use a tailor! They can help you with any particulars to get just the right fit that looks good and feels great. 

Are you looking for more tips on men's missionary clothing? Need to find the perfect suit? Contact us today!