How to Choose Your LDS Missionary Clothes

multiple mens suits hung up on clothing rack, shopping concept, with a hand choosing one suit

Representing the Lord on a mission field is a high calling. Since you're in a new place where no one knows you, your appearance can go along way toward opening doors and establish trust in the community. Dressing appropriately with conservative, professional items helps the public recognize you as a missionary. 

Not sure what to pack or buy? Here are some basics tips to help you know what to look for when choosing your wardrobe of LDS missionary clothes.

  1. Dress for the right kind of attention. You want people to feel comfortable around you, and your clothes should never draw attention away from your goal as an LDS missionary. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose. No clothing item should be transparent, low-cut, or revealing in other ways. Keep in mind the different places you will be representing the church and be sure you'll have the best apparel for those instances. 

  2. Blouses, tops, and sweaters — Your blouses and tops are often the first clothing item people notice. Strive for a professional, tailored appearance, avoiding t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other casual clothing items. Your sleeves should cover the upper part of your arm and the shoulder. Layering to improve modesty is acceptable.

  3. Skirts and slacks —Your skirts and slacks should not be too tight, and slits must be below the knee during standing and sitting. If you're planning to wear skirts while riding a bicycle, choose styles with enough fullness to accommodate the activity while still maintaining modesty. Dress slacks should not be too tight and should always be in solid colors that don't draw unnecessary attention.

Keep in mind that you'll always want to be well-groomed and your clothing should always be looking its best. Therefore, understanding the cleaning requirements of your clothing is very important. 

Your choice of LDS missionary clothes will say a lot about your commitment to your mission and to the people you're serving. Always keep modesty, neatness, and service in mind. Check your call packet under the section "Items Specific to Your Mission" for additional assistance.  

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