How to Know if Your Dress Clothing is Too Tight

man adjusting shirt collar, tight concept

Choosing men's dress clothing is a delicate task. You want clothes that are sleek, form-fitting, comfortable, and attractive, but you also don't want to run the risk of wearing something that's just too tight. How do you tell the difference?

Here are a few signs that your dress clothing might not be the best fit.

Too-Tight Men's Clothes: Red Flags 

When it comes to men's dress clothing for any formal occasion, from weddings to parties to essential meetings, there's a fine line between "form-fitting" and "too tight." To avoid awkwardness, embarrassment, and a long day spent in uncomfortable clothes, here are a few red flags that might mean it's time to upgrade your wardrobe.

#1: Getting dressed is a fight.

Do you find yourself battling with your clothes to get them on? Do you have to put things on in a specific order to make everything fit? These are significant signs that it's time to go shopping for new dress clothing.

#2: You can't move.

If your clothes feel like they're holding you, prisoner, making it impossible to anything like shake hands or reach to grab something above your head, they're just too tight.

#3: You can't zip or button up.

One big sign of too-tight clothing is that zippers and buttons are impossible. If you can't zip or button up, you know it's time for different clothes.

#4: Your phone doesn't fit anywhere.

Men's dress clothing should be both formal and functional. If your phone doesn't fit in any interior pockets or is jammed so tightly that you can see it light up through the fabric, you need to find more comfortable attire.

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