How to Stand Out While Meeting Corporate Style Standards

man wearing custom suit, navy plaid

In the business world, the words style and corporate do not always go together. There certainly is a style to the corporate world, but it is a limited genre of clothing. In the corporate environment, some standards discourage anything too wild. With that in mind, how can you stand out while meeting corporate standards? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Invest in Yourself

Like any suitable style, improving your business look will take an investment of both time and money. You need to be willing to put some cash towards this process if you want to see the results you have in mind come to life. However, money is not the only essential investment; you will also need to spend time developing the look you hope for. You will need to give time to researching all things related to style and clothing. Give yourself a quality look by taking the time that this process requires.

Get a Custom Suit

Having a custom suit made for you is the perfect way to walk out our first tip. A custom suit takes both time and money, and it guarantees that no one else will have it. Sure, you could walk into any men’s dress clothing store and purchase a suit, but that is precisely what every other guy in your office did. Being impatient and impulsive will have you standing with someone in the elevator saying, “Hey! We have the same suit!” That’s not a conversation that makes you feel too unique.

Upgrade Your Briefcase

There is a temptation to go with a shoulder-strap, zip-up laptop bag as your briefcase – but don’t do it! Instead, choose a high-quality leather briefcase that will make your boss ask where you got it. While it might seem overly-simple, making a smaller change can give you confidence and individuality. 

Evaluate Your Watch

A watch might sound like an even small detail of your outfit, but it is a subtle hint to the people you do business with that you are not messing around. It is easy to go on Amazon and find the same watch that half of your coworkers are probably wearing, but you have the opportunity to present yourself as intriguing and unique with a high-quality watch that no one else in your office is wearing.

Buckles, Not Laces, and Don’t Be the Sock Guy

Buckles are a surefire way to stand out with an Italian, strapped flair. Your office doesn't need another guy in oxfords or derbies. Take it easy on the socks, as well; there’s no need to make a statement with crazy colors or patterns.

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