Laundry Day Tips for Your Mission Wardrobe

washing missionary clothing

Are you struggling to take care of your missionary clothing? Here are a few suggestions for protecting your clothing investment, and some tips for making the process a little more pleasant.

Make a Good First Impression

The appearance of your missionary clothing is an essential part of how people perceive you. Stained or wrinkled clothing may be off-putting for some people, causing an unnecessary distraction as you try to reach out to the community. Fortunately, a few simple laundry care habits can make a world of difference.

Prioritize Proper Laundering 

Caring for your clothing means taking the time to ensure your laundry practices are good for every item of clothing. Here are some tips to get you going!

Sort it out. There's a good reason why clothing manufacturers recommend sorting your clothing according to fabric type and color. Light versus dark is just the beginning, however, as you'll want to pay attention to fabric weight and composition. Fuzzy items like towels and socks shouldn't go into the wash with your dark-colored, permanent press slacks or shirts. A self-sorting hamper is an easy way to keep up with sorting, eliminating extra steps on laundry dry.

Treat stains ASAP. The longer stains are left untreated, the harder they are to shift. Use a stain remover and follow the manufacturer's directions to take care of stains as soon as you can.

Keep wrinkles away. Your missionary clothing will look better when it's sharply pressed and wrinkle-free. You can eliminate many wrinkles by removing your clothing from the dryer while it's still warm. Allowing clean clothing to sit in the dryer or a laundry basket creates more wrinkles that you'll have to deal with eventually anyway. For items that need pressing, a spray-on sizing treatment can add an extra touch of polish.

Your missionary clothing will last longer and look better with your renewed commitment to good laundry habits. For a wardrobe worthy of your calling, visit one of our stores or shop online at Petersen's Clothing today!