Matching Accessories to Your Suit

Creative fashion design for men, clothing set and accessories on wooden background include black derby shoes, gray suit, pants, belt, sunglass, sock and plaid shirt. Flat lay, top view

Do you know how to match shoe color with suit color? Do you know what color socks you should never wear, or when to wear a belt and when not to wear a belt? If not, don't worry--today we're here with some men's wardrobe tips to keep you looking smart and sharp.

Accessorizing Your Suit

Men's suits can make a professional and robust statement. They highlight naturally attractive features with classy cuts, eye-catching color combinations, and, of course, some well-chosen accessories. But, go a few steps too far and suddenly your suit looks sloppy. How do you walk that fine line between a sophisticated suit and a wacky wardrobe? Simple: you make sure your accessories draw attention to the suit and not to themselves.

Here are a few simple wardrobe tips to get you started!

Matching Shoes to Your Suit

Matching shoes to your suit isn't always easy, but it's a must if you want to keep your outfit sleek and professional. Try these color combinations:

  • Black suit = black shoes.
  • Gray suit = brown, black, or burgundy shoes.
  • Navy suit = brown, black, or burgundy shoes.
  • Beige suit = light brown shoes.

The Right Socks

If at all possible, you should avoid wearing white socks. You want to match your socks to the color spectrum of your suit--or choose an unusual color or design to make them more of a fashion statement.

Adding Belts and Suspenders

Typically, your belt should match your shoes. However, if you're wearing suspenders, you should never wear a belt. This helps keep your ensemble looking smart and well-organized--and it makes it easier to get dressed, too.

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