Men's Summer Wedding Style Guide

Groom and groomsmen wedding photo, dressed in suits, smiling

The summer always brings plenty of weddings. With the warm weather and sunny days, many couples choose this season for the good weather that allows for weddings both indoors and out. What should you wear for these summer weddings?

Let this men's clothing guide help you make your choices.

Know the Dress Code

Before making your wardrobe choices, refer to the invitation. In many cases, the invitation will tell you which type of attire is required for the event. This may be formal, semi-formal, casual, business casual, black tie, beachwear, etc. If you aren't sure which type of attire the couple expects, it's permissible to call and ask so that you don't commit a clothing faux pas.

Here's a brief overview of what the most common types mean.

  • Formal/Black Tie: Tuxedo or dark suit
  • Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual/Cocktail: Sport coat or a suit and tie (doesn't have to be dark!)
  • Casual: Button down shirt or nice polo with dress pants

Other possible dress codes might include beachy casual, themed, or color-coded, but it should be pretty easy to decipher what the happy couple would like guests to wear. 

Choose Cool Fabrics

Because of the heat of the summer, the fabrics that you choose for your outfit are of the utmost importance. Cotton is the ultimate breathable fabric. Even with a tight weave, cotton will allow air to your skin, keeping you cooler than many other fabrics could. Another option is polyester. This manmade fabric isn't usually breathable, but it does wick moisture away from your skin. If you tend toward getting sweaty, this may be the best option for your outfit. If staying as cool as possible is your goal, consider an outfit made from linen. This fabric is loosely woven and lightweight for a light, summery look and feel that allows air to pass through.

Rethink Black

For many weddings, especially formal ones, you may have the instinct to wear black for its elegance and sophistication. However, summer weddings are generally more fun and more flashy. Wearing brighter colors is a great way to acknowledge the season and add a little color to the festivities. Light colors, like beige, cream and gray, are also fun to wear for summer weddings, if the dress code allows.

If all of your suits are in darker colors, consider lightening them up with a bright shirt and accessories. You might even wear socks with a bright, eye-catching design such as a floral pattern.

When you're ready for new men's summer wedding clothing, contact us to get started on your way.