How Sister Missionaries Can Bike in Skirts

Girls legs and long vintage orange skirt next to bike in the sun

If you're a sister missionary with a lot of biking in your future, you probably have plenty of questions about clothing, especially how to ride a bike in a skirt. Here's a little bit of wisdom to help keep your wardrobe attractive yet modest and comfortable yet functional, even on the seat of a bike.

Getting Ready For a Biking Mission

Most people tend to think that sister missionary attire and bike-riding don't go together very well. The truth, though, is that you can bike comfortably and confidently in a skirt--as long as you have all the right information, that is. Remember, your main goal is to strike a perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and modesty.

Here are a few things to consider when preparing for a biking mission!

Leggings or undergarments

The first thing you need to know about biking in a skirt is that leggings, bike shorts, or other conservative undergarments are about to become your best friend. They'll allow you to move freely while maintaining a modest appearance.

Skirt styles

Next, it's time to consider skirt styles. The most important thing to avoid is a long, flowing skirt that could get caught in your tires, although shorter skirts pose their own challenges. Instead, choose calf-length styles--and remember, they need to have enough stretch for comfortable pedaling.

Bike styles

Finally, take a careful look at your bike. Look for styles that have chain-guards to keep you safe while pedaling, and don't forget that bigger seats will be more comfortable for long-term rides. It's also smart to find a style with a "scooped" center bar, which curves down from the handlebars to give you more room to maneuver in your skirt.

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