Neckties and Knots For Your LDS Mission

closeup of man tying knot in necktie

There is a particular art to wearing neckties. To look smart, refined, and professional, it's important not only to choose the right tie, but to choose the right knot. Here's what you need to know to feel comfortable and confident wearing ties on your LDS mission.

Selecting a Tie

A tie can have a considerable impact on your outfit. To make sure that impact is positive and professional rather than sloppy and overly casual, it's important to select the appropriate tie. This is especially true when it comes to LDS mission attire, where you need to appear refined and polished while still feeling comfortable.

When selecting ties for your LDS mission wardrobe, it's most important to consider length, color, and fabric. All of these things will impact your overall appearance, as well as the functionality and comfort of the tie itself. Be sure to check appropriate guidelines to understand what is expected on your particular mission.

Choosing the Right Knot

Different knots are better for different ties--and, of course, different occasions. Here are a few essential knots to know:

Windsor Knot

Known for its elegance and intriguing shape, the Windsor knot is a perfect choice for special occasions. It is triangular and takes up a lot of space, which means that it works best with longer ties and shirts with wide collars.

Half Windsor Knot

The half Windsor knot is casual yet professional, lending itself to everyday use. It works with any different fabric types and looks best with wide-collared shirts.

Small Knot

Although the small knot is especially easy to make, it also works best with thicker silk ties, meaning you'll have to be more careful about your wardrobe choices in order to complement it.

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