Packing for Your Upcoming Mission

closeup of woman's suitcase open, packing concept, woman putting white sneakers into suitcase

Getting ready to leave for a mission is an exciting time with plenty to do. In addition to learning about the area you'll be visiting, you may also be busy preparing materials to take along, practicing the language locals speak, or visiting the doctor to get necessary vaccinations. Another important task is getting your luggage packed for your mission.

Packing the right women's missionary clothing will help your trip be a success and keep you from having to scramble to find the right clothes after you arrive. Here are some tips on how to pack for an upcoming mission that takes you to a different part of the world:

Familiarize Yourself With the Climate 

Knowing what the temperature is and how much seasonal change to expect is vital so you can pack the right outerwear. For example, if you'll be visiting a tropical destination with lots of rainfall, you can benefit from packing a lightweight rain jacket and boots to protect your socks and feet. In colder places, warm socks and long underwear will help you stay insulated against the chill. 

Low Maintenance Clothing is Essential 

No matter where your mission takes you, chances are you'll be too busy to spend a lot of time washing, ironing or removing stains. Try to pack fabrics that resist wrinkles and stains, and do not require special detergent or fabric softener. In some areas, you will be hand washing and hanging your clothes out to dry, so you'll want to pick clothing that looks good but didn't cost a fortune. 

Be Practical and Resourceful 

Remember to consider how you will be living once you get to your mission site. If you'll be bicycling to get around town or working a physical job outside, longer skirts may be easier to maneuver in, or you may want to pack shorts to wear underneath the dresses you bring. Missionaries in areas with limited access to electricity may find that cotton-based clothing which is easy to hand wash and hang to dry is the easiest. 

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