Essential Tips for Storing Men's Suits

row of mens suit jackets hanging in closet

Men's suits are a humble yet attractive addition to any missionary's wardrobe--but how do you take care of them when they're not on the road with you? Here are a few tips to keep your suits looking just as handsome as the day you bought them.

Protecting an Investment

Men's suits can be affordable, but they still represent a significant investment in your wardrobe. They are a staple of the missionary's ensemble, of course. Still, they are also a sensible and functional choice for any future events you might attend, from business meetings to weddings. As a result, it's prudent to begin protecting your suit the minute you get it home.

Here are a few tips to help keep your men's suits in tip-top shape.

#1: Pay attention to coat hangers.

You want to choose high-quality coat hangers for your suits. Thin, sharp hangers can ruin the silhouette of your suit and permanently impact the shape, while hangers that are the wrong size will stop the shoulders from sitting properly when you wear the suit.

#2: Don't crowd your closet.

Make sure that, once you've chosen a large, thick coat hanger, you have room to store it properly. Suits crammed in your closet will wrinkle and age more quickly, while suits that hang properly will continue looking attractive for years to come.

#3: Use cedar.

Cedar essential oils or cedar blocks are a great way to keep your suits smelling fresh and looking nice even after extended storage. Additionally, while these solutions won't completely eradicate moths, but they do offer a good level of protection.

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