Style Tips for Men Who Want to Impress

classic mens suit

The art of dressing well is something that anyone can learn. If you find that your look hasn't been impressing others, or you simply don't feel confident about your look, there are a few ways you can improve your skills.

Experiment With Styles

The way you dress will depend largely on your lifestyle and what your job requires. Whether your office is business casual or highly formal, take a look at examples of this. Get a feel for how those around you dress and which elements of their outfits you would like to incorporate into your own.

If you have the time, take a look at men's magazines and learn a few brand names that you like. You might also study the clothing of men you know and ask about the items that you like to find out where to buy them. This will help you to form the foundation of your wardrobe. 

Learn Your Sizing

Often, men's dress clothing fails to impress simply because it isn't fitted well. An outfit that is too small can look comical, and it's rarely if ever flattering. An item of clothing that is too large just creates a sloppy image.

Men's dress clothing should fit well and look tailored to your size. This is generally accomplished through a combination of getting the right sizes and knowing when a piece needs to be altered by a tailor. Take your measurements and match them online to the measurements given by various brands. This will help you to try better sizes when you do try on clothing. Even if it's just an inch or two here or there, don't be afraid to have your clothing altered for a perfect, flattering fit.

Get Your Classics

Before you try out too many styles, make sure you have enough of the classics to create a look that is good for most events. When you're creating your own style, it doesn't have to be completely different from the classic looks you see in magazines. It may be based around a few classics and then have a few unique touches added to personalize it.

You should always have plenty of high-quality pieces in neutral colors that you can rely on at any time. Think of it like decorating your home or cooking a meal. You need the staples in place before you can start adding those artsy touches that will personalize it. 

When you're ready for the staples you need in your wardrobe, contact us to see what we have to offer your wardrobe and your style.