Things You Never Thought to Pack For Your Mission

Open suitcase packed with clothes and a first aid kit set on top

When it comes time to pack for your mission, the chances are high that you'll be so focused on the essential items--clothes, electronics, and other necessities--that you could completely overlook the smaller stuff. Here are a few suggestions for unexpected but helpful things to pack for your mission.

Extras You Should Pack

Once you've chosen your missionary clothing and packed your favorite electronics, you might think you're ready to head out and get started making the world a better place--but hold on. You don't want to go unprepared! It can be stressful and a little tricky to pack for your mission, especially if you aren't sure exactly what you need. So, to avoid the risk of forgetting something important here's a checklist of items you might have forgotten about, overlooked or never considered.

A personalized first-aid kit

If there's one thing you always want to have with you, it's a first-aid kit. Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, gauze--if it's something you'd like on hand in a minor emergency, pack it in a first-aid kit.


According to experienced missionary Amy Keim, sticky-notes could be your new best friend during a mission: "One of the most beneficial things I ever did as a missionary was stick scripture references on the inside flap of my scriptures," she says. "When I'd come across a scripture I felt would be applicable in a lesson, I'd write it on the sticky note with a key phrase that I'd remember it by." This is a great way to stay inspired, motivated, and organized.


This is a simple but important part of any sensible wardrobe. Don't go into an unfamiliar climate without protecting your eyes from the sun!

Hand wipes

Hand wipes are a must-have for every mission. They boost sanitation and eliminate odors--two things that can be particularly valuable in a variety of situations.

Are you still looking for more tips on what to pack for your mission or trying to complete your wardrobe? We're here to help. Contact us today!