Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Suit

closeup of mens suits hanging up, multicolored suits

Suits are too big of an investment to not correctly know how to clean and care for. Believe it or not, some people will drop a pretty penny on a brand new men’s suit and treat them like they are a pair of bargain jeans.

The improper care practices of many men are quite frightening, like stuffing them into drawers, leaving them piled up with other clothes, or even running them through the washing machine.

Cleaning and Caring for a Suit

The presence that comes with a suit does not automatically come with a great tailor or brand, that is only the beginning. To have your suit leave a lasting impact, you want to treat it like gold. Here are a few essential tips for cleaning and caring for your suit:

Dry Clean as Little as Possible

It is essential that you take your suit to the dry cleaner as few times as possible. Frequently running your suit through the dry cleaner will drastically reduce its lifespan due to the chemical exposure. When prime spots need cleaning, hang the suit outside and use a damp cloth to touch up necessary areas. Take care of it every day and address issues when they arise in order to reduce the frequency with which you need it professionally cleaned.

Clean with a Suit Brush

A suit brush, also called a garment brush, looks like your average hairbrush. It will help you remove any dirt, dust, or other substances that build up on your suit’s surface. Always brush downward to remove particles from the suit effectively. Using a suit brush regularly will help you reduce the amount you need professional cleaning.

Use a Suit Hanger

Wire hangers are the number one cause of death for a suit’s shape. A suit hanger is thicker and helps maintain the shape of your jacket’s shoulders, which will extend the lifetime of your suit. Always hang your suit up when you're done wearing it. 

Choose a Cloth Bag

Most suits come with a plastic or canvas bag that you may or may not still be using. Regardless, a cloth bag is a much wiser choice for protecting your suit, as it allows more fresh air to flow through the bag to let the suit breathe.

To learn more about effective cleaning and care habits for your suit, contact Petersen’s Clothing today!