Tips on Men's Ties

multiple colors and styles of mens ties isolated on wood background

The tie you choose for formal occasions, workdays, and meetings says a lot about your personal style. Here's how to choose just the right one to create the look you want to project to others.

Tie Sizing

The best width for the tie you choose has to do with a combination of factors. The first of these is your height. If you are taller, a longer tie keeps it looks well-sized for your frame. The very end of the tie, when tied, should reach the midpoint of your waistband. In width, it should approximate the lapel width of your jacket. The exact 

The Fabrics You Choose

Fabrics are often a matter of taste mixed with the situation, the company culture and the time of year. Silk ties are always in style, and they look good in a wide variety of occasions. However, they don't always hold up well to wear. They can be worn in any season and for virtually any occasion. Silk and other natural fibers are higher in quality than synthetics, and they have a more upscale look. Natural fabrics will be more delicate and easier to stain.  Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or rayon, generally keep their shape and colors better and are more washable.

Colors, Colors, Colors

The colors and patterns that you choose for your ties will have the most to do with your taste and the image you want to project. However, there are also a few rules when it comes to color. In general, wear a tie that is darker than the shirt under it. It's always helpful and harmonious if the tie has at least one color in common with the shirt, if they have patterns. If you don't like patterns, that's fine. If you love patterns and want a patterned shirt and a patterned tie, that's good as well. Simply make sure that the scale of the patterns are different in each so that they don't look like they are all one piece.

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