Missionary Clothing

Blogs providing tips and tricks to taking care of and buying LDS missionary clothing.

Choosing the Right Socks for Your Upcoming Mission

male lds missionary sitting on bench

As you prepare for a mission, there is a lot to do and plenty to remember, so it's easy to forget about the practical, vital items that will make your daily life more enjoyable. Socks might seem like an afterthought on your packing list, but they are worth taking some time to consider. Once you're in a new environment, where you may be dealing with a heavy workload and an unusual climate, socks will prove to be more important to you than ever before. Picking the right ones can stop your feet from getting blisters, growing fatigued or developing conditions like athlete's foot.

Laundry Day Tips for Your Mission Wardrobe

washing missionary clothing

Are you struggling to take care of your missionary clothing? Here are a few suggestions for protecting your clothing investment, and some tips for making the process a little more pleasant.

How to Remove Stains from Your Missionary Clothing

shirt with stain

Different types of stains require different treatment methods, but all stains demand attention to get them out. Even if you cannot wash the garment immediately, you can treat it to ensure more presentable clothing later.

Here are some tips and tricks for removing stains from your clothing.

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