Avoiding the Biggest Men’s Style Mistake

man with hand on his face, frustrated

There are thousands of articles explaining the different fashion no-no’s that occur in men’s style every day. While we could talk about specific mistakes made within men’s fashion, there is one thing outside of style that too many men get wrong: trying too hard.

The unfortunate truth about this mistake is that it is often unavoidable. While many men become passionate about upgrading their style and attempting to show off a new, more confident look, their new certainty can be misguided.

When a man first upgrades his style, his first mistake is often the most natural response: showing everyone that he is into style. This response is often accompanied by an unwarranted arrogance that is obvious to others.

When You Are Doing Too Much

When the priority of a man’s style is to show others that he is into fashion, he ends up doing way too much. We all know these guys or have even been these guys at different times. Someone rocking a three-piece suit with a stylish hat, dub monks, sunglasses, maybe even bracelets – I am sure you know that guy.

This is a natural overcorrection for someone who has previously not put as much energy towards their style, but this confidence can be a catch twenty-two.

Dangerous Confidence

On the one hand, this new confidence can empower you to be a bold influencer to those around you. Everyone will know that you mean business when you come around. Where this confidence becomes dangerous is that if often leaders to poor decisions, like trying too hard.

Subtle is More

Since confidence is necessary, you can make even more of a statement by adjusting just the small details in your style, which will prevent you from looking like you are trying too hard. Adjusting the fit and length of your pants, cuffing your pants or your shirt sleeves, and other small changes will show others that you are serious about style without drawing negative attention to yourself. Go for less rather than more as you figure out your unique style statement. 

No one wakes having perfect style and confidence. It is an effort that takes time and an attitude willing to learn from your mistakes. In time, you can find the small details that will help you stand out in a good light.

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