Extending the Life of Your Shirts on Mission

 white men's dress shirts

While on a mission, it's important for you to do your best to represent the LDS church and our faith. Just as you take care of your attitude and your communication, you should also do your best to take care of your shirts. No one wants someone with a dirty, worn shirt to represent them, and there's no reason to look that way when there are methods to take care of your clothing and make your shirts look better for longer.

Save Money on Clothing

Another fundamental reason for taking care of your clothing is that it costs far less to take care of them than it does to replace them. To save money on new shirts, try to have your clothing washed about every three days. If you own four shirts, this gives you one to wear on your laundry day while ensuring that you have a clean shirt each day.

It also means that your clothing will be washed often enough that any stains won't have the chance to set in firmly. This allows you to have just a few pieces of clothing but always to look clean and well put together.

Sturdy Clothing

To avoid replacing your shirts, getting strong ones that fit well with your mission area will keep them in circulation longer. Polyester and cotton are popular choices, but cotton can be heavy in hot temperatures, and polyester doesn't breathe like cotton.

One way to get the best attributes of both is to choose shirts that are a blend of cotton and polyester. These blends of men's missionary clothing look smooth, are breathable and are resistant to most wrinkles for a great everyday look.

Collar Care

Using collar stays in your shirts is an excellent way to keep it straight and to look formal. However, those stays should never enter the laundry with your shirts. Always remove them before your shirts are cleaned. This will extend the life of your shirts and keep the collars looking neat, clean and stiff.

When you take good care of your clothing, you may be surprised how long it can last. Choosing good quality missionary clothing, to begin with, will allow your clothing to stand up to your days on the mission.

If you're looking to replenish your wardrobe, stop by our stores in Boise and Twin Falls and we'll take good care of you!