Caring for Your Missionary Suits

closeup of man using lint roller on suit coat, cleaning and care concept

There's more to good appearance than choosing the right missionary suits. How you care for your clothing has a direct impact on your appearance as well as your finances. Here is an overview of some basic care guidelines to help you look better and extend the life of your missionary suits.

Avoiding Wrinkles

A wrinkled shirt, tie, or suit can ruin an otherwise impeccable appearance. While you can't avoid wrinkles completely, there are a few things you can do to keep them to a minimum.

  1. Rolling or folding your missionary suits —Travel is a fact of missionary life, and knowing how to pack your suits goes a long way toward avoiding expensive dry cleaning bills. Try turning your suits inside out and folding or rolling them lightly before placing inside your bag. Avoid overpacking to keep your suits from becoming crushed.

  2. Smart drying keeps slacks and shirts wrinkle-free. Washing and drying heavy items with lightweight shirts can cause crushing and excessive wrinkles. After sorting, choosing a permanent press cycle with a cool down feature. Remove your pants and shirts as soon as the cycle ends, hanging them immediately. Snap each item to remove any clinging items and smooth out any remaining wrinkles.

Care for Your Ties

Your tie has a more significant role to play in your appearance than many people realize. To avoid ruining your ties through poor washing, follow these tips.

  1. Fill a sink with cold water and add a mild detergent like Woolite.
  2. Fold your ties gently and push to the bottom of the sink.
  3. Leave your ties in the water for about 30 minutes.
  4. Drain the sink and rinse ties with cold water.
  5. Hang to dry.
  6. If necessary, iron your ties from the back side using your iron's silk setting. A smooth ironing cloth can help.

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