Choosing Shoes for Your Mission Trip

closeup of mens dress shoes on shelf, varying styles and colors

Choosing the right shoes and socks is one of the most important decisions you'll make on your LDS mission clothes shopping trip. Shoes need to comfortable and durable as you'll be on your feet often. They also need to match your overall attire and message. That means you don't want to bring casual, trendy footwear that won't hold up or look professional. 

Tips for Sisters

Ill-fitting or poorly constructed shoes can ruin an otherwise productive day on the mission field. Here's what to keep in mind when choosing shoes for your LDS mission. 

  1. Mission-grade is more important than fashion. It may be tempting to bring shoes that are cute but don't have the practical features needed for a long day on the mission field. It's understandable that you want to enjoy the appearance of your shoes, don't fall in love with a pair that will wear out quickly or won't provide enough support. Function over form should always be top of mind when shopping for your LDS mission clothes.

  2. Find the correct size. A too-big or too-small shoe won't stay put, and you could do serious injury to your foot or ankle. Have your foot measured by a qualified LDS mission clothes employee and follow their recommendations. And remember to wear a sock or barrier between your foot and your shoe.

Tips for Elders

Here's what to keep in mind when choosing shoes for your upcoming mission trip.

  1. Function is more important than fashion. Your LDS mission clothes store has worked hard to make sure you can find the right shoes for your journey. They'll work with you to find attractive shoes that fit well and won't let you down on a long day. Keep in mind that just because a shoe looks good, doesn't mean it will feel good. 

  2. Insist on quality socks. Socks designed to wick away moisture will keep your feet dry and help your shoes last longer. Look for long-lasting, breathable styles.

Here's another tip for both elders and sisters: When you find the perfect shoes, buy two pairs! You'll save wear and tear by alternating between them. When it comes to buying socks, a blend of synthetic fabric and cotton or wool is recommended for moisture-wicking. Be sure to try them on with your shoes to ensure everything fits.

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