Tips for Staying Healthy on Your Mission

young adult female drinking water after exercise, health concept

Your mission will be full of new people to meet, new places to see, and unique things to do. One thing it shouldn't be full of is stress about staying fit and healthy. Here are a few tips about food, water, and exercise that will make your mission a little bit easier!

Health Tips

When it comes time to prepare for your mission, you'll probably be focused on the big-picture stuff: your wardrobe, your itinerary, your travel plans, and other important details. However, there's one thing you definitely shouldn't forget to consider: your overall health. Being in a new place with different hygiene considerations and completely new foods can make it difficult to keep health, fitness, and nutrition in balance. But with a little preparation and some good habits, you can take a few significant steps in the right direction.

Here are a few tips for staying healthy and happy on your mission!

#1: Be careful about food

According to Gabriella Loosle of Third Hour, there are a lot of considerations LDS missionaries should keep in mind when it comes to food. For example, eating slowly to savor every bite (which makes you feel full faster) or saving food for later when culturally appropriate. This helps you make the most of your meals and consume fewer calories overall.

#2: Stay hydrated, but be safe

Remember, not all countries have safe drinking water. Make safe hydration a priority, and always make sure the filter on your water bottle is in good working order.

#3: Make time for exercise

Without traditional gym environments, some missionaries wonder how they'll be able to do their exercise routines. It may be necessary to get creative--for example, using online videos or going for long walks every evening--but exercise is still possible on your mission.

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