LDS missionary

Tips for Before, During, & After Your LDS Mission

Are you looking for ways to start your mission off on the right foot? Here are a few simple tips for every step of your mission to help you make a positive impact, connect with your fellow LDS missionaries, and stay healthy and happy.

One Step at a Time

Trying to plan your mission all at once can be a lot of work--and a lot of stress, too. You'll end up running back and forth, researching travel options one minute and worrying about what to wear the next, making almost no progress. That's why it's crucial to get organized and take your mission one step at a time.

Here are some sensible tips for every LDS missionary--before, during, and after your mission.


  • Research.

You always want to be prepared. Make sure you know what your role will be, how your values will be utilized, and what is expected of you.

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