Tips for Purchasing Your First Suit

closeup of man in navy suit buttoning button

It is a special day in the life of any man who is purchasing his first suit. Adding a suit to your wardrobe gives you an outfit that comes in handy in different forms for a variety of events.

The management job interview you’ve been dreaming about: wear the suit in its entirety and impress your potential employer. ​

Eloquent date night on the town: wear your suit jacket with dark jeans and polished shoes for a balanced, impressive look.

No need for a jacket? Your suit pants will make a shirt and tie combination stand out.

Choosing a Color

One might assume their first suit should be black, but that might limit your wear options. A navy or charcoal suit will give you a much more versatile option that can be paired with many pant and shoe options.

A wool or wool blend suit will ensure breathability for hot, sunny days or warmer occasions. This will keep you comfortable in your suit when the heat strikes.

Choose a Shirt

A crisp, white button-up shirt is a must for anyone who owns a suit. This allows you to pair it with a patterned tie for nicer occasions. A bright or patterned shirt is appropriate for more casual occasions.


An excellent accent for your suit is a pocket square. These are great in situations where a tie might be too formal for the occasion. When paring with a tie, be sure that the pocket square does not match too closely with the tie.

Two-Button Jacket

For a modern suit style, a two-button jacket is preferred over three. Be sure never to button the bottom button and unbutton them all when you sit down.


When getting your suit tailored, be sure to have the sleeve length short enough that your shirt slightly shows at the cuff.

Be sure to have a tailor take off slack from anywhere there is any extra length. The right tailor will make sure that the suit looks like it was made specifically for you.

To check out a variety of great first-suit options, contact Petersen’s Clothing today!