Laundry Day Tips for Your Mission Wardrobe

washing missionary clothing

Are you struggling to take care of your missionary clothing? Here are a few suggestions for protecting your clothing investment, and some tips for making the process a little more pleasant.

Help Your Shoes Go the Distance on Your Mission Trip

men's missionary shoes

You may have many questions about your upcoming mission trip, but one certainty is that you'll be spending a lot of time walking. Make sure you can go the distance by taking the proper men's missionary clothing, including quality footwear. Here are a few tips making sure you get the most from your investment.

Tips for Purchasing Your First Suit

Purchasing your first suit

It is a special day in the life of any man who is purchasing his first suit. Adding a suit to your wardrobe gives you an outfit that comes in handy in different forms for a variety of events.

The management job interview you’ve been dreaming about: wear the suit in its entirety and impress your potential employer. ​An eloquent date night on the town: wear your suit jacket with dark jeans and polished shoes for a balanced, impressive look.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Suit

mens and missionary suit

Suits are too big of an investment to not correctly know how to clean and care for. Believe it or not, some people will drop a pretty penny on a brand new men’s suit and treat them like they are a pair of bargain jeans. The improper care practices of many men are quite frightening, like stuffing them into drawers, leaving them piled up with other clothes, or even running them through the washing machine.

Avoiding the Biggest Men’s Style Mistake

man frustrated with his fashion choices

There are thousands of articles explaining the different fashion no-no’s that occur in men’s style every day. While we could talk about specific mistakes made within men’s fashion, there is one thing outside of style that too many men get wrong: trying too hard.

The unfortunate truth about this mistake is that it is often unavoidable. While many men become passionate about upgrading their style and attempting to show off a new, more confident look, their new certainty can be misguided.

How to Stand Out While Meeting Corporate Style Standards

man wearing custom suit

In the business world, the words style and corporate do not always go together. There certainly is a style to the corporate world, but it is a limited genre of clothing. In the corporate environment, some standards discourage anything too wild. With that in mind, how can you stand out while meeting corporate standards? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

How to Remove Stains from Your Missionary Clothing

shirt with stain

Different types of stains require different treatment methods, but all stains demand attention to get them out. Even if you cannot wash the garment immediately, you can treat it to ensure more presentable clothing later.

Here are some tips and tricks for removing stains from your missionary clothing.

How to Choose Your LDS Missionary Clothes

choosing a suit for lds mission

Representing the Lord on a mission field is a high calling. Since you're in a new place where no one knows you, your appearance can go along way toward opening doors and establish trust in the community. Dressing appropriately with conservative, professional items helps the public recognize you as a missionary. 

Not sure what to pack or buy? Here are some basics tips to help you know what to look for when choosing your wardrobe of LDS missionary clothes.

Choosing Shoes for Your Mission Trip

Shoes and outerwear for missionaries

Choosing the right shoes and socks is one of the most important decisions you'll make on your LDS mission clothes shopping trip.

Shoes need to comfortable and durable as you'll be on your feet often. They also need to match your overall attire and message. That means you don't want to bring casual, trendy footware that won't hold up or look professional. 

Tips for Sisters

Ill-fitting or poorly constructed shoes can ruin an otherwise productive day on the mission field. Here's what to keep in mind when choosing shoes for your LDS mission. 

Caring for Your Missionary Suits

missionary suits

There's more to good appearance than choosing the right missionary suits. How you care for your clothing has a direct impact on your appearance as well as your finances. Here is an overview of some basic care guidelines to help you look better and extend the life of your missionary suits.


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